Personally.... why is anyone reclining a seat on an airplane?  It goes back like a couple of inches, and there really isn't room for that on any airplane.  That is, unless you are on a charter or flying first class.

airplane with passengers on seats waiting to take off
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This is ridiculous, in my opinion.

BOTH of these people are in the wrong.  If this guy didn't want the seat in front of him to be reclined, he could have asked the woman if she would consider moving her seat ahead again.  And the lady that reclined her seat... why didn't she just move her seat ahead when the guy behind punched it?  The guy was being super rude, for sure!  But she wasn't any better.  She let's this annoying guy continue to do this for God knows how long, and just breaks out this video??  This is the most passive-aggressive behavior I have seen... on both parts.  People- use your voices!!!  Just ask...

I was on a flight when this happened and to me, and there was absolutely no room for anyone to have leg room.  Unless you were a small child, that would have been ok.  These planes really don't have any room to recline.  Honestly, why is this even an option??

Bottom line... both people are in the wrong in this situation.

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