The World just seems to be getting nuttier every day. It's like nothing surprises me anymore. I can't imagine filing a lawsuit against my parents for giving me life without my consent.


So, this guy named Raphael Samuel is doing just that. He's suing his parents for giving birth to him without his consent. My question would be, how were they supposed to get consent if you didn't exist?


Raphael claims he loves his parents and says they have a good relationship. But he also claims that his parents are selfish and had him for their own joy and pleasure.

Yes, it was all for their pleasure and he vows not to have children. "I wouldn't put someone through that without their consent. All that schooling and finding a career to survive." he says "would just be selfish on his part".

If I were the parents, I'd counter sue for turning out to be such a tool.

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