You may be familiar with the term "ghosting" when it comes to dating. It's when someone you are seeing just drops out of sight. No phone calls, no texts, nothing. Just kind of disappears. They don't tell you why, they just disappear.

Chis Hondros, Getty Images
Chis Hondros, Getty Images

Well, now it seems to be a trend in employment. Candidates for a job will apply for a job, even set up an interview and, you guessed it, they won't show up for the interview. No call, nothing, just don't show up. or, they actually show up for the interview get the job and never show up for work. Maybe they do show up the first day, go to lunch and never come back.

Part of the problem, I guess, is there seem to be more low level jobs available and an applicant or new hire might something they like better and just not inform the other employer.

I can only imagine this is very frustrating for local business owners and managers.  Have you ever been "ghosted" by a applicant or new hire? Tell us about your experience.

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