Back in my younger years, we always had a blast tubing behind a boat. We didn't have these decked out tubes like kids use now.  ours were just a tractor innertube with a ski rope tied around the tube. It's totally amazing we all lived through being thrown across the water at high speeds.

Speedboat on a lake

We were Boomers and there were a lot of us, so losing a few here or there didn't seem to concern many.  It didn't work out so well for this woman and two kids in Maple Grove back in 2019.  It's a very sad deal for all involved.

Jordan Seitz, 36 of Maple Grove pleaded guilty to operating a boat pulling kids on a tube that crashed and seriously injured two children.

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In a plea agreement, Seitz gave guilty pleas to two counts of criminal Vehicular operation causing great bodily harm through gross negligence. The reason for the late court date was due to pandemic delays.

According to the criminal complaint, Seitz was throwing a boating party for her daughter at Eagle Lake in Maple Grove.  She was pulling two rafts behind the boat with two riders. One of the rafts collided with a dock causing a traumatic brain injury and a broken back in a young boy and a girl who suffered a head injury.

Jordan Seitz's blood alcohol levels was at a 0.087 immediately after getting off the boat, which is just barely over the limit of 0.080.  Seitz is scheduled to be sentenced this summer on July 6th.


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