Yeah, you read that one correctly.  Marijuana Pepsi is her real name.  And instead of doing something like changing that deal... she is using it to her advantage.

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Check this out. She went to school and earned her doctorate.  So now, people will have to call her "Dr. Marijuana Pepsi".  You have to admit that is kinda cool, right?  She is building quite a successful career as well...

While much of the country has been busy legalizing lower-case marijuana, the woman born into the name has built a successful life. She works full time at Beloit College as director of the program that serves students who are first generation enrollees, come from low-income families or have learning or physical disabilities.

Now I feel like it would have been great to have a creative name like that one.  Usually I think that the celebrities that name their kids something completely off are weird.  This time it may have just been genius.