I typically don’t do pop music. Why, you ask? Because it’s the same regurgitated chord progressions and lyrics song after song, album after album, for basically every pop artist. If you hand me a Nicki Minaj CD I will break it in front of your face and light it on fire. Fair warning.

But not all pop acts are garbage. In fact, every now and then you stumble onto one that has some musical ability and a signature style. One of those groups just so happens to be Maroon 5 – the musical power squad with every woman’s favorite boy toy – Adam Levine – at the helm.I give this band a free pass to play flamboyant love songs. They’re just too funky not to like.


It was recently announced that they'll be headlining the Super Bowl Halftime Show this year. Now, I normally wouldn't be overly excited, but the band hinted at the possibility of playing "Sweet Victory" (a song from SpongBob SquarePants)  at the show.

If you hadn't heard yet, following the passing of Stephen Hillenburg (the shows creator) there was an online petition of over a million signatures to have "Sweet Victory" performed at this year's Super Bowl. If you watch Maroon 5's promotional video for the show, there is a clip of SpongeBob. I typically don't watch the Super Bowl, but this year I might have to just to see if they tip the hat to SpongeBob.

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