So, that is the rumor.  Hasn't been completely confirmed, but several sources say that is the deal.  Maroon 5.  Seems like maybe they are big enough?  Like they would make a good supporting band for whomever is actually the halftime talent?

"For the 50th time: yes, we suck" Getty Images)

Some people are complaining because the Super Bowl is in Atlanta this year, they should have someone that is from Atlanta.  Basically a hip hop artist like Ludacris, Usher, Outkast, Lil Jon, Young Jeezy, Ceelo Green, or even John Mayer or country artists- Sugarland.  All from Atlanta.  Yeah, I guess.  But who would you like to see there?

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I know that after the Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake "wardrobe malfunction" they had Paul McCartney.  I know he's a great talent, awesome career, iconic song writer, blah blah blah.  But just not really dynamic enough for a Super Bowl halftime show.  Like I heard several people say they thought it was boring.  But they just wanted something that they knew would be ok after the Janet Jackson deal.

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But, maybe they should revisit some of those types of artists.  You never know how long anyone will be around.  Like good thing we got to see Prince perform.  One of the BEST half time shows. Remember, he performed in the rain?

So, get 'em before they are gone!!!  Who would you like to see?