Masterplan started as a side-project for Helloween guitarist Roland Grapow and drummer Uli Kusch, but unfortunately it may have gotten them fired from the band.The band formed back in 2001 and has five albums, their latest features their third singer in Rick Altzi.  This has hurt them form a consistent sound, but most fans have supported them despite the lineup.

The original plan was to reunite them with their former band mate and original Helloween singer Michael Kiske.  Unfortunately that didn't work out so they hired Jorn Lande, who was gaining some huge popularity at the time.  He lasted two releases, then former Riot singer Mike DiMeo was brought in before Jorn returned again for the third time.

They are considered a second tier band as they teeter between Power and Progressive Metal. They've had some amazing music out, but the inconsistency in singers has hurt them a little.

From their 2013 release "Novum Initium" this is "Keep Your Dream Alive"