"Man On The Silver Mountain" was the first song on first release from Rainbow, formed by Ritchie Blackmore in 1975 after leaving Deep Purple.

And next to "Smoke On The Water" it may be one of the more influential songs on the European Metal scene.  It's like their National Anthem.

It was also Ronnie James Dio's rise to fame as well.  He had his band "Elf" but that never really took off, Rainbow however catapulted him to stardom.

Dio wouldn't remain in the band very long though as Blackmore wanted to change the theme of the band.  He eventually went with Graham Bonnett for a more Pop Rock approach.  He met a similar fate many had and was fired by Blackmore and replaced byt Joe Lynn Turner.

Rainbow  never had a consistent sound or lineup, but you always could tell Blackmore's style.  The band broke up in the early 80's, reformed for a short time in the mid-90's and has remained on the shelf most likely forever due to Blackmore's involvement in "Blackmore's Night".

Live concert footage from 1977 with Ronnie James Dio here's "Man On The Silver Mountain".