Metallica is known for their awesome cover versions of songs like Whiskey in the Jar and Turn the Page. Now they're tackling a track to be included on a new Deep Purple tribute record.

Metallica's versions of Bob Seger, Thin Lizzy and the Ramones are some of my favorite covers of all time. Now the group is trying their hand at a Deep Purple song. Metallica is doing their version of When a Blind Man Cries which was supposed to be off of Machine Head, which was released 40 years ago last week.

The group has posted a clip of the song on their official website and they say that they know it's a more obscure track. When a Blind Man Cries was recorded in the 1972 sessions for Machine Head, but the song wasn't included in the final track listing for the record and the group knows that it's more of an obscure track, but do you think that maybe then the pressure wouldn't be so high? Do you think that they would take more liberties if it's not such a well known song?

Classic Rock Magazine is behind the tribute/cover album called Remachined: A Tribute to Deep Purple's Machine Head. The album and a 124 page booklet will be available September 25. Meanwhile, take a listen to both versions here and let us know what you think.

First, the Deep Purple version:

Now, the Metallica version: