Four words Billy Ray never wanted to hear.

You've probably heard by now that TMZ is showing a video of Miley Cyrus getting tuned up on the legal too-hip-for-the-room 'incense' called SALVIA (No stoner, that's not saliva, it's SALVIA).

The video shows her taking a HUUUGE bong hit of the stuff. The question here is not 'Why did she let it get videoed and viraled?' But  'Why wasn't there a crazed lesbian make-out session right afterward?'

Salvia is marketed as an incense in head shops across California and other states. In MN, you can find it at various shops under the name 'K2'. The state legislatures are working to get the stuff off store shelves, but in the meantime, it's perfectly legal to buy, possess and smoke the stuff. Even so, it looks as if the long-awaited 'Miley-Crash' every other teen idol hits has arrived.

Since many LOON listeners are older and only have experience with the real thing (that's right Mom, I'm talking to you), I thought I would show you what the difference is- with the help of the world's funniest comedians: Tommy Chong and Daniel Tosh.