I think we have all heard about the great black beach in Hawaii, it's one of those things that people come back from a vacation there and say "You have to see this"!  And I've always wondered about it.

And now I hear about this black beach right here in Minnesota!  And now, it's not a flight away, it's a drive up to the North Shore along Lake Superior!  To be exact, it's located in Silver Bay, Minnesota.  And it's a very scenic drive.  It's along the North Shore as you drive through Two Harbors, Castle Danger, and Gooseberry Falls state park.  You can even make a stop at Split Rock Lighthouse.  Then continue North until you reach Silver Bay.  Gorgeous drive.

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This is something that has only recently opened to the public.  It was something only the locals knew about and would even be blocked off to the public.  But now, it's open for everyone to enjoy.

If you are into photography, and would like some great pictures that are absolutely worth a frame or more- this is the place.  The website explorationvacation.net describes the area as this-

The beach is a delight, with three dark crescents of dark sand, crystal clear coves, a bit of driftwood, and a tall jumble of lichen encrusted rock – all of it backed by thickly forested hillsides or the lake itself. Basically a photographer’s paradise!

I wish I had paid more attention in photography class.

If you do plan to take a drive up to the black beach, also known as Onyx Beach, a great time to do that would be in the Fall when you can take in all the vibrant colors as well.  The beach is located through the industrial park.  Best accessed by Northshore Mining, and there is apparently a sign that describes where you need to go.

There are also some places to stay if you'd like to make a weekend out of it.  There are a couple of hotels right in Silver Bay, or you could stay in one of the many lodges located near Duluth (an hour away).  Or maybe check out VRBO or an AirBnB.  You really can't go wrong.  Perfect place for that holiday card with a picturesque background.

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