Something some people have been waiting for for year!  The legalization of marijuana.  It happened...sort of.  Some states have had it legal for quite a few years with Washington and Colorado being the first ones to jump on that ship.  Then quite a few other states followed along.  If you have been to Las Vegas anytime in the recent history you will smell that scent almost everywhere you walk.

Now we get to Minnesota.  The legalization of hemp derived THC happened in 2018. Then a stronger strain of THC was legalized a year later in 2019.with apparently some legislators not realizing what the bill was actually stating, and the bill was passed.  This prompted some cities to consider a moratorium on the sale and/or possession of the product.

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Richfield is one of those cities that have now officially put a one year moratorium on edible marijuana.

According to Bring Me the News: 

In the agenda packet, Richfield councilors were recommended to approve the moratorium, noting there are "significant gaps in state oversight and accountability of the manufacturing and production, testing, and distribution of the products."

A year's moratorium would give the city time to "study the impacts of cannabis products and prepare an ordinance and licensing structure for Council consideration."

There was at least one city council member who didn't agree with the moratorium.  The vote was 4 to 1.  This councilmember said that even if the moratorium is in effect in Richfield, you can still buy the product in Minneapolis, Bloomington and Edina.  So all this is doing is hurting the businesses in Richfield.

He does have a point.

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