Somehow... out of the thousands of people who signed up to have a chance at purchasing tickets to see Morgan Wallen on his "One Night At  A Time Tour 2024," my name was drawn.  I received a text message a few days later that told me to be ready to purchase my tickets on Thursday, October 5th at 11 am central time, and that I needed to use the special code they sent me to get into the Ticketmaster site.

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So, I was ready. I set my alarm to go off at 1058 a.m. I went to the site at 11 am and entered my special code. Surprisingly, the code DID open the website for me!  I couldn't believe it! I was in.  I was in the queue that is. There were 6228 people in front of me; but nonetheless, I was in. As long as I kept my phone screen open and stayed logged in, eventually, I would get a chance to find some seats at the concert.


Suddenly, 6228 dwindled all the way down to 1...It was my turn to search for seats.  Several sections were already full as you can imagine, so I started looking for seats that I thought I might be able to afford.

The cheapest tickets I could find had only two seats left in the section and they were approximately $127 each. Now for you; that might be an affordable price, but for me; not so much.  As I continued to look for a few cheaper seats a bit further away, I just couldn't find any. The next seats I found were for approximately $329 each.


After a valiant effort to find some affordable seats, I eventually gave up my search so that someone who had the funds could attend the show.  Be prepared to spend some bucks, and good luck to you!  Even though I couldn't afford the tickets, overall; the wait experience was pleasant and went fast.


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