Do you feel stressed and anxious?  So many people do.  It can mess with your sleep pattern, your health and other aspects of your life.  And all of that can lead to more health and mental issues.

So, the Minnesota healthcare system has designated a task force to look at whether or not there should be a screening for anxiety for adults under 65.  But what if you are over 65 and feel stressed?  What if you are a teenager and you feel stressed and anxious?

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force researches health intervention systems to determine whether their benefits outweigh any harm. After looking into anxiety screenings, the group now recommends all adults under 65 get screened for anxiety during primary care visits — even if they don't have obvious symptoms.

I'm telling you right now, that I wouldn't need to be "screened" to know that I am stressed and suffer from levels of anxiety.  But what level?  Not sure. And it does depend on what's happening in my life.  I'm sure that is the case for most humans.

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According to KARE 11, percentage of men suffering from anxiety is about 20. And the percentage of women is about 40 percent.  And about 1 in 10 pregnant women suffer from postpartum depression and anxiety.

Those at higher risk include Black people, people living in poverty, people who have lost partners, and those who have other mental health issues.

The task force is speaking with people to get their thoughts on whether or not this should be done with patient screening.  Some people have no symptoms but are still suffering silently.

A few years ago the health system stopped prescribing anti anxiety meds if they contained narcotics and recommended more of a holistic approach.  This was to combat the opioid epidemic.  Personally, I think they should look at that on a case by case basis.  If someone has been taking a prescribed anxiety med for a long period of time that happens to be a narcotic, and it's working in the way it was intended and they are not addicted the prescription, it should continue.  Just my opinion.

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