Sad to read about this hunter from Albertville that was processing some deer meat and accidently got his hand caught in the meat grinder he was using.

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According to GoFundMe, Wayne Roden of Albertville was doing what a lot of hunters do after bringing home their deer after the hunt.  Roden was processing some deer meat when his hand got caught up in the grinder.

The only part of Roden's hand the doctors were able to save were his thumb and pinky finger. Roden is a HVAC installer, so the injury to his hand could have a real negative affect on his ability to perform his job.

“Being the sole provider for his wife and four kids, this GoFundMe is crucial to get them through the process of healing, and ultimately finding their next path,” the fundraiser says reads.

As of today, Wayne Roden's GoFundMe page has received over $19,000 with a goal of 25,000 to help with medical bills and the possibility of being unable to work for awhile, if at all.

I would expect the funds raised through GoFundMe will well exceed the $25,000 goal the fund is set at.

Shari Orstad posted this on Roden's GoFundMe page last Friday;

November 19, 2021by Shari Orstad, Organizer
Thank you so much to everyone who has graciously donated, it is so very much appreciated! We are asking to PLEASE not stop by unannounced at Wayne and Lisa's home. They are having a very hard time right now and trying to make things as normal as possible for their kids, while also coping with this trauma. Also we have had several inquiries about Christmas and buying gifts for the kids. We have all of that taken care of so if you want to do something please just donate money. Thank you again for all the donations!!!
We wish the Roden family the best and hope Wayne is able to recover enough to continue working in a capacity that suits him.

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