If your doctor has told you to get rid of stress in your life, then moving to Minnesota might just be the biggest thing you can do, as we've been named the least stressed state in the entire United States.

Wallethub just released their 2018 results of the most stressed states and Minnesota finished absolute last on the list, which is a great thing. They measured many key metrics that range from from average hours worked per week to personal bankruptcy rate to share of adults getting adequate sleep.

Minnesota scored the best in a couple of metrics, which included "money-related stress" and also "health & safety-related stress". Our surrounding states weren't that far behind either!

Source: WalletHub

Here's who rounded out the bottom 10, which again, is a GOOD thing:

  • 41st - New Hampshire
  • 42nd - Nebraska
  • 43rd - Hawaii
  • 44th - Massachusetts
  • 45th - Colorado
  • 46th - Wisconsin
  • 47th - South Dakota
  • 48th - Iowa
  • 49th - Utah
  • 50th - North Dakota
  • 51st - Minnesota

You wouldn't know it with the winter we've had and spring time snow storms, but none of that matters apparently. It's just temporary and all the other great things Minnesota has to offer easily trumps that. Here's to our mind and body health Minnesota...cheers!

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