How many times have you gone fishing and, just when you thought you had a big fish on the line, you realize you were just dragging bottom and had some weeds on your hook?

Sometimes you might even get an actual thing on the hook, like an old beer can or someone's lure they lost on the same rocky bottom of the lake.

Well a kid 14-year-old kid named Connor can now top most fishing tales out there after snagging a lost wallet with $2,000 cash that was resting on the bottom of Lake of the Woods.

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Per INFORUM news in North Dakota, an Iowa farmer lost his wallet in rough waters just over a year ago on the lake. He told WDAY that he didn't realize he was missing the wallet until it was time to pay for the resort the family was staying at. I'm guessing he assumed he'd never see that wallet again!

According to Wikipedia, Lake of the Woods covers 1,679.5 square miles and goes as deep as 210 feet, making Connor's catch nearly impossible.

However, Connor found a business card in the wallet along with the cash and was able to track down the owner of the billfold, who drove up from Iowa to retrieve it. Connor would not accept any reward for turning in the wallet, telling INFORUM "We didn't work hard for the money, he did. It was his money.""

The farmer told INFORUM he would 'take Connor as his grandson any day.'

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