With new ice forming on Minnesota area lakes, we can't wait to hop on them. Before you do that you need to understand what ice is safe, and not safe. Take a look here.

The Minnesota DNR has been kind enough to provide us with a great way to tell if ice is safe or not. This time of the year, with no snow and "new ice", the guidelines below tell you what you can put on top of the lakes. Keep in mind if it's white ice or snow ice, you should double the safe depth of ice shown below:

2" or less - STAY OFF

4" - Ice fishing or other activities on foot

5" - Snowmobile or ATV

8" - 12" - Car or small pickup

12" - 15" - Medium truck

I'd suggest you download this PDF and print it out to keep with you before roaming onto our frozen Minnesota lakes this year. With such an abnormally warm winter and temps jumping above freezing often, some lakes may never be safe to go on this year.

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