I always like to see companies, especially big corporate giants, show some appreciation to the people that actually make the company run. To an employee, a lot of the time it's not even the actually dollars, it's the actual recognition.

Lowe's Reports Quarterly Earnings
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Retail workers have been working the front lines during this pandemic. For a store like Lowe's, which I'm pretty sure they have done pretty well the last 11 months, got a whole lot of business from people using their "stuck at home" status to catch up on home repairs, etc.

So, Lowe's is stepping up and recognizing the sacrifice and hard work, in hard times with a bonus to be paid out to employees this Friday (2/5).

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All Lowes full time hourly associates in all their stores, distribution centers and call centers will be getting a one time payment of $300. Part time and seasonal employees will receive a one time payment of $150.

To some, this may not seem like a whole lot but it is the 7th bonus or special stipend Lowe's has handed out since the beginning of the pandemic.  Sounds like a great company to work for.

Looking at their website, I see that Lowe's is "actively filling seasonal positions and permanent full-time and part-time roles at stores to help customers purchase essential products and services during the pandemic. Lowe's is hiring more than 50,000 seasonal and full-time retail associates, building on the more than 90,000 associates hired into permanent roles over the past year."

Way to go Lowe's!

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