I'm thinking there has to be some heavy karma that goes along with stealing Girl Scout cookies. What was this guy planning on doing with the cookies?  Maybe, dressing like a girl scout and selling them door to door.  By the looks of his mugshot, I think he's have a tough time pulling off that disguise.

Credit: Olmstead County
Credit: Olmstead County

Over the weekend, a Southern Minnesota man was arrested and accused of stealing 23 cases of Girl Scout cookies off a loading dock in Rochester. Authorities valued the cookies stolen at $1250.

According to Olmstead County court documents, Joel Whittaker of Oronoco was charged with felony counts of burglary and theft. Just on those charges he faces up to a decade in the slammer and up to a $20,000 fine.

He has other problems, though. When police stopped his car full of stolen cookies, they also found stolen license plates, a pry bar and bolt cutters, a used meth pipe and a small amount of heroin.  Can you say "bad choices".

Whittaker told police that he was dumpster diving when he noticed a loading dock door ajar and went to check it out. Inside were pallets of Girl Scout cookies. He not only stole what was handy, he put some extra work into it and made off with a nice variety of cookies.

Whittaker stuffed his backseat and trunk with the stolen cookies and attempted to leave the scene. Unfortunately for Whittaker, police were responding to an alarm and caught him driving away.

I would think that this guy better come up with a good story before he goes to the slammer. He may catch a lot of grief from other inmates if they found out what he was in for.


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