Disclaimer: The man featured in this story, Greg Staffa, I do not know, and he does not know me. This is not an endorsement for him as a candidate for any job opportunities. 

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I came across Greg’s post on a St. Cloud area Facebook group. His post stood out to me, I thought it was creative and a bit vulnerable. Greg Staffa is looking for a job and he posted his resume on his Facebook post.  

Greg explains his situation of why he’s not working now and gives some explanation of his current circumstance. He explains that Fourteen years ago, he was homeless after being injured at work. 

During that time, three years, he spent time traveling around the country trying to help others affected by homelessness.  

His story was featured in the Huffington Post. 

The story says he would travel the country in his car, selling his belongings to get money to buy warm socks and other clothes as well as coffee to give to the homeless around the country. His goal was to bring awareness to the homeless situation and to make a direct impact on the people he came in contact with.  

After those three years, Greg says he had a job that he enjoyed until Covid struck, and then he was out of work again. He’s tried to get back on with that company but there’s not current openings.  

Here is his resume.

As I said in the open, I don’t know Greg, we’ve only had a few short exchanges on Facebook messenger so I could get his approval to write this story. And after the “cliff notes” version of his story, this is still not an endorsement for him as an employee, because like I said I don’t know him and I don't recommend people I don't know. 

But I thought it was at least worth trying to bring him and his situation more out in the open and hopefully there are people out there that may want to learn more for themselves.   

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