It's hard to tell if this guy just had good intentions or if he may be a bit on the crazy side.

Fifty nine year old Duane Johnson, of New Ulm, may have just been fulfilling his dying wife's last wishes but the Brown County Circuit Court, I guess, didn't see it that way. Johnson was charged with 3rd degree murder in the death of his wife from methamphetamine toxicity.


Johnson explained to authorities that his wife begged him to take her out of the nursing home she resided in and bring her home to live out her last days. He then held a "Death Party" at their home and later Debra Johnson was found dead in the home.

Autopsy results showed she died of methamphetamine toxicity.  A plea deal from prosecutors asks for a 3 year prison sentence. Sentencing guidelines call for a 4 year sentence. A judge will decide on sentencing August 12th.

(Valley News/KVLY)

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