I'm pretty sure you've heard that Governor Walz signed the mask requirement bill yesterday. This mean that everyone, except those medically exempt or a kid, needs to wear a mask indoors in all public places, starting tomorrow (7/25).

Businesses In Newport, Rhode Island Begin To Slow Reopening Process
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St Cloud has already enacted their mask requirement earlier this week. The St Cloud fine for not wearing a mask in public places is $250 and the Minnesota state fine is just $100.  It's not clear how strongly this will be enforced or if warnings will be given out first.

Around the world, what seems to be having the most affect is social distancing with a mask. We seem to be the only country in the entire world that has so many people fighting these measures. Ironically, it seems the people bitching about wearing a mask are the same people that bitch because everything is shut down.

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The sooner we get a grip on this virus, the sooner we can open things up and try get back to a somewhat normal way of life. So, why wouldn't a person try and do everything they could to bring that about?  I don't have a good answer, unfortunately.

I've been doing my best to try get people to listen to the experts.  Doctors, CDC and the scientists report the facts. Unfortunately, we tend to get a lot of mixed messages when we listen to politicians. I prefer to listen to the experts, you know, the ones not trying to get re elected.

So, wear your mask, social distance and stay healthy.  We'll get through this and the sooner, the better.


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