If you want to get a COVID 19 Vaccination, it should be available for you to get, right?  But it seems that many Minnesotans are having a tough time getting to a vaccination site.  So, the Minnesota Health Department is trying to make that easier and bringing vaccination sites to communities all over the state of Minnesota.  This is being done by utilizing some metro buses that aren't being used.

New York's Northwell Health Hospital Administers Covid Vaccines
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The buses have been modified.  They have taken out the seating, and in place of that made the buses into mobile clinics.  These mobile clinics will be focused on areas that include people who have economic issues, transportation issues, or problems with technology or geographic barriers.

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Everyone with an appointment will be able to get the vaccine. In order to meet the needs of all people, please note that some vaccines may be administered outside of the bus.

How is the health department figuring out where they need to go, as in, where is the greatest need?  Communities can fill out a request with the MHD.  And they will also be using the CDC vulnerability index which shows where that need is mostly using the census.

At least now, if you have wanted to get a COVID vaccine, and have been unable to get to a location that is administering them, it hopefully will be more accessable.

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