Over 850 troops from the Minnesota National Guard are flying into Washington, DC for a security detail on Inauguration Day.  President elect Joe Biden will be sworn in as president of the United States on Wednesday at noon.

MN Air National Guard photo
MN Air National Guard photo

This security mission will involve about an astounding 25,000 national guard troops from all around the United States. The heightened security, of course, is due to the uprising at the the Capitol Building on January 6th that resulted in the loss of life of 5 people including a DC police officer.

Before the uprising and riot at the U.S. Capitol, only about 130 soldiers had been requested. According to the FBI, there is reason to believe that things may not be peaceful for Wednesday's Inauguration.

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Last week, Minnesota Governor, Tim Walz has also activated the 257th Military Police Company to help with security at the Minnesota State Capitol, in St Paul.  The extra security is due to FBI reports of potential violence at state capitols in all 50 states.

Minnesota officials have stated that they currently have no credible threats of violence at the Minnesota Capitol. Better safe than sorry, I guess.

Watching the news this morning, I was more than a little disturbed by the report that all 25,000 National Guard troops would be vetted in an attempt to weed out any members that may be sympathetic to the rioter's cause. This is a sad state of affairs, in my opinion.

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