We're barely going to get a full spring this year, and now it looks like Minnesota is going to miss the abnormally hot summer the rest of the U.S. is expected to get. Depending who you are, this could be good or bad news.

The National Weather Service is reporting weather models that show an extremely hot summer for most of the country, and there's a big hole in the entire Midwest that's excluding us from this scorching heat. There is a good side to this, which is Minnesota is going to get the above normal temps on the other side of summer into the fall!

Here's what they're showing for weather starting in May through July:

NOAA May-Jun-Jul
Credit: NOAA

The darker the red color, the higher the probability of a hotter than normal temp. Minnesota and most of the Midwest is expected to be normal during this time period.

Thankfully Minnesota isn't in the "below normal" category. We should be in for comfortable 70's for the rest of spring and start of summer, which is awesome!

Now let's look onto their 3-month outlook for June through August:

NOAA Jun-Jul-Aug
Credit: NOAA

The heat wave finally subsides a little, but a lot of the south and west coast will still be extra hot. We still continue to be perfectly normal with our upper 70's and 80's that we look forward to.

Of course we're going to have a few days in July and August that will be in the 90's, which is normal, but thankfully we're not going to be stuck in a heat spell that equals uncomfortable humidity.

Here's where we start seeing above normal temps for Minnesota, and the timing will be awesome -- October through December:

NOAA Oct-Nov-Dec
Credit: NOAA

Most of the country, except Florida, will see above average temps in the fall and early winter...including Minnesota! Think we might have some 60 degree days in December? It's looking like a possibility.

Last year we hit 57 degrees on December 4th. The warmest December day on record was 68 degrees in 1998 on December 1st. In 2004 it was 51 degrees on December 30th.

We had a long winter this year and so far this spring we've had well below normal temps and it drove us nuts. It looks like we'll get those warm days back on the other side of summer this year! I'm ready for a few months of perfect Minnesota weather...I think we all are.

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