How Does This Cold Weather Stack Up Historically?
Sure it's bitter cold, but is it the coldest ever? Not even close. The coldest temperature ever recorded in St. Cloud was -43˚ back on January 9th, 1977. The coldest temp in state history was -60˚, recorded in both Embarrass and Tower on February 2nd, 1996.
Mild Today & Tomorrow, Followed By More Bitter Cold
It has snowed 19 of the 26 days this December in St. Cloud, and some of the coldest temps so far this season are on the way Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Strong winds and falling temps will likely prompt weather advisories & warnings for bitter cold and dangerous wind chills. Bookmark th…
F, It’s Cold
First of all , let me say, I choose to live in Minnesota. Summers can't be beat, however, they seem short compared to the brutal Winters. There have been worse winters than this one, but I tend to suppress bad weather memories.
This morning I woke up at 4:15, poured myself a cup of coffee and …