This isn't just a recent trend. This case happened in 2019 and according to FOX 9 the lawsuit that resulted went to trial this past Monday. The suit claims two different pharmacies refused to fill this woman's prescription for the "morning after pill" after she said a condom had broken during sex.

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The woman, Andrea Anderson from McGregor, Minnesota a mother of five children presented her prescription for the emergency medication to the only pharmacy in McGregor, Thrifty White.

Wanting to be sure that this pharmacy stocked this medication, she called the pharmacy and spoke to pharmacist. Allegedly, the pharmacist, George Badeaux told Anderson that he was unable to fill her prescription for the "morning after pill" because of his "beliefs".

The lawsuit also makes claims that not only did Badeaux decline to fill Anderson's prescription but also made it difficult for her to get it filled at 2 other pharmacies, CVS in Aitkin and a Walgreens in Brainerd.

According to the lawsuit Thrifty White in McGregor attempted to prevent Anderson  "from obtaining the care from others by putting delays and obstacles in her path, failing to provide her a reasonable alternative, and in one instance, apparently deceiving her about where she could obtain care."

Just a couple of weeks ago, there was a story out about a Minnesota couple on vacation in Wisconsin. After arriving in Wisconsin the woman realized she had failed to pack her birth control.

She and her boyfriend stopped at a Walgreens to pick up a few items, including some condoms. The store employee rang up most all of the items but refused to sell her the condoms due to his "religious beliefs."

Stay tuned, after the Supreme Court's reversal of Roe vs Wade, we will probably see more and more cases like these.

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