Lemonade stands are a great way for kids to learn about business and gives them the opportunity to make some extra money during the Summer season.  Not only that, but it gives them something to do during their break from school.

If your kids are operating a lemonade stand and they don't have a permit, they are breaking the law.

Minnesota is not the only state that requires a permit, in fact, only 14 states let you operate a lemonade stand without a permit.  Without a permit, anyone running a lemonade stand can be shut down and fined. Ridiculous!  Yet, garage sales are okay without a permit?


In Minnesota, a permit for a lemonade stand will run you $50. So, your kid starts out fifty dollars in the hole, not counting the cost of the lemonade and cups, etc.

Popular lemonade maker, Country Time Lemonade, has started a movement to make lemonade stands legal nationwide. Hopefully, if enough attention is given to this farce of a law, it will be repealed.

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