It's hard to believe that Minnesota's Senate can't get on board and pass legislation that is favored by almost 60% of Minnesotans. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

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According to an article on NewsBreak yesterday, Minnesota Senate nixed any effort to consider the marijuana legalization bill on the Senate floor. If your remember, the bill to legalize adult use passed in the House of Representatives with a vote of 72 to 61 last year.

"It's something all Minnesotans are talking about, and they are speaking about it unequivocally — they are demanding we catch up with these other states and demanding we legalize cannabis now," said DFL Sen. Aric Putnam.

Making cannabis legal for adults, besides the many medical benefits, would clear up needed jail space for actual criminals. Senior citizen groups advocates for legalization to deal with medical issues. Yes, medical marijuana is legal in Minnesota but the cost and conditions that have to be met to get into the medical marijuana program are prohibitive to many.

"Our current cannabis laws do more harm than good," said DFL Sen. Lindsey Port during a press conference Wednesday. "Specifically the low-level cannabis offenses that have led to incredible racial disparities in our state."

The vote yesterday was 31 for and 33 against. of the 33 against, 31 were Republicans and Independent, Senator Thomas Bakk and Democrat Senator Gregory Clausen were the other two against. Our Governor Walz totally supports the legalization.

Eighteen states currently allow legal use of cannabis and have raised big revenue for their states. Washington & Colorado have had legal cannabis for a decade and the push to federally legalize cannabis isn't to far off. So what's the hold up here in Minnesota?

The fact that it, a plant, is illegal in the first place is puzzling.

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