Holiday weekend ahead of us, and many consider Memorial Day weekend as the unofficial start to summer, and also lots of water and boating activities.  Many times these activities will include the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

BUT - the driver of the boat should abide by the same laws as someone who is driving a vechicle on the road.  Anything above .08 is illegal.

From KARE 11 and the MNDNR:

... 145 Minnesotans have died in boating accidents over the last decade, including one this year.

But that doesn't count the more than 700 other boating incidents since 2014 that weren't fatal. In many of those accidents, an impaired driver is behind the wheel.


Alex Otte, who was a victim of a boating accident, is really pushing for harsher/stronger boating laws ahead of this holiday weekend.  She was hit while sitting on a jet ski by another boat driven by an impaired driver going 60MPH on the lake.  She was only 14.  Now she is 27, she did survive after many weeks/months in recovery.  She is now a wife and mother, and has been working to find solutions to make the boating industry much safer than it has been.

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The law in Minnesota does not prohibit anyone from drinking in a boat.  It's just the driver who cannot have a BAC above .08, or they will get a BUI.

If an operator refuses to take an enforcement officer's test, penalties go even higher and include:

Enjoy the summer boating season, be safe and sober if you are the one driving any of the watercrafts.  Just a good rule to follow to make sure everyone has a great time.

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