If you have kids, nieces, or nephews that are visiting you this summer you might want to pack them up in the car and head northwest to Detroit Lakes. A Danish artist is just about to wrap up an art project where he built giant trolls 'hidden' around the area, and these are some cool-looking sculptures/pieces of art.

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According to VisitDetroitLakes.com "By mid-June 2024, discover six giant trolls in Detroit Lakes. The trolls will be installed in the area by international recycling artist Thomas Dambo. Thomas Dambo is the world’s leading recycling artist who built more than 130 giant trolls with discarded materials in more than 20 countries on five continents. He uses tons of thrown-away materials to make beautiful things out of trash."

CBS Sunday Morning spotlighted Thomas Dambo not too long ago as he was wrapping up working in Washington state on another troll installation, and just from the 5-minute interview you can see some incredible pieces of art.

Discover Detroit Lakes website disclosed that Dambo was hired, and the art will be permanent.

"The non-profit based in Detroit Lakes, Project 412, commissioned artist Thomas Dambo to bring his trolls to the Detroit Lakes area. You can learn more background information about the Trolls in DL on the FAQ sheet. The trolls are a permanent installation. Starting mid-June look for the three portals and riddle to follow clues to find the trolls. Make it your mission to discover the trolls in Detroit Lakes!"

Are you ready for a June road trip to check these giant trolls out?

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