I've always wanted to head to Europe... haven't had that chance as of yet.  First, I need to renew my passport, secondly, I need to get some more cash to afford said trip to Europe, and in the third place, it would be nice to wait until I know that a checked bag is actually going to arrive at the same destination that I do.

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If you are really interested in some European looking architecture, you can find some of those types of things right here in the states.  And one of those towns happens to be in Minnesota.  New Ulm, Minnesota has this really cool clock tower that looks like it's right out of some town in Germany.

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New Ulm is included on a list of "American cities with European Culture".  And as the article states, there are several other things within the town that give you the feel of Germany.  Architecture, the Hermann Monument and of course... beer... lots of beer.  It's like Oktoberfest all the time!  Well, sort of.  If you squint, you can make that so.

If you wanted to take a trip around the country and see all of the European influences on towns and cities in America, you could make a pretty good road trip out of that.  One that could continue for a few years.  Like planning every Summer to go here or there, or go to a warmer state in our frigid Minnesota winters and get some European culture that way.  Check out the entire list here on the House Beautiful website.  They highlight 35 towns with a "European Feel" throughout the article.  It's fun.

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