This is why as Minnesota Vikings fans, we can't ever have nice things. Why, why, WHY can't we just have a bye week without a scandal or an arrest. Okay, maybe it doesn't happen every year, but it does tend to happen and this year no exception.

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Began seeing reports Sunday night that Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman Oli Udoh was arrested over the weekend in Miami, Florida.

Read on Fansided:

According to Andy Slater, Vikings offensive lineman Oli Udoh was arrest on Saturday in Miami and charged with disorderly conduct after following a woman into the bathroom of a nightclub and refusing to leave her alone. He also allegedly resisted arrest.

The first report of it from Andy Slater came via this tweet:

Now keep in mind Udoh is the backup right tackle to Brian O'Neill so it will be interesting to see how co-owners Zygi Wilf and Mark Wilf along with head coach Kevin O'Connell will handle the situation. At the time they have not commented on the incident but according to reports they are aware of the arrest and I am HOPING they are doing an investigation into the allegations and he gets what he deserves.

Sadly, this isn't the first time there has been a scandal of sorts during a bye week for the Minnesota Vikings. The most infamous one, was October, 19, 2005 on Lake Minnetonka...that will forever be remembered as the 'Love Boat' incident or 'Boat Party' scandal. Either way, it was rather disgusting and "allegedly" involved 17 players at the time, including the likes of Daunte Culpepper, Fred Smoot (the organizer of the 'party')

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Also,the "Williams Wall" Pat and Kevin Williams, Bryant McKinnie, Nate Burleson and more. A story I am sure most of us would like to forget.

I for one, would like the team to end the tradition of scandalous bye week stories but if we are being honest, it probably will happen again eventually. Here's to hoping not for quite sometime thought. Stay classy Minnesota.


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