I've become pretty paranoid about driving at night, mostly in lake country, because of deer. Although I've never hit a deer, I've come very close and it can be pretty scary. My step-son has hit a few different species of wildlife including deer and not only is it scary but can be pretty expensive fixing your car.

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Hitting a deer would be bad enough, but to then have your car burst into flames would be pretty traumatic. Luckily this woman and her dog got out of the truck after hitting the deer.

According to the Isanti County Sheriff's Office Facebook page the driver of the Dodge Journey SUV was identified as Pam Vandersteen. Her dog, Paisly was also in the vehicle at the time of the collision with the buck.

A passerby helped Vandersteen get her belongings out of the vehicle before it was completely engulfed in flames.

Vandersteen shared a comment on the post;

“Thank you to the officer and state trooper who were on scene. Paisley (my dog) sends her thanks to the officer that let her sit in her squad car.

Thank you to the firefighter that made me laugh and to all the firefighters that helped die out the fire. A big thank you to my daughter Bri Morell for the ride home. Thank you everyone.”

Luckily, everyone is alright. Unfortunately, the buck did not survive.

According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety from 2016 to 2020., there were 6,218 collisions with deer in Minnesota. Eighteen deaths resulted from deer collisions and 124 resulted in serious injury. All 18 of the death were collisions with deer by motorcyclists.

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