Healthcare and other essential workers in Minnesota- they are the ones that are putting themselves in front of this pandemic more than anyone else.  And it happens on a daily basis.


A woman in Edina wanted to say thank you in a very public way and it's started a movement with other cities, counties and states.  Originally it was a chalk message that would wash away with a good rainfall.  So, it's been updated into a more permanent form with paint.

The woman who started this also added: “I hope that as a society we never, ever, forget the day that all these people went to work for us".  I hope that everyone remembers these people too.

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I have seen so many inspirational messages around the St Cloud area.  It would be cool to do something that would be a bit more permanent.  Like a mural on a building wall or something along those lines.

We'll work on that...

St. Cloud Kids Share Their Optimism Through Sidewalk Chalk Drawings


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