Healthcare and other essential workers in Minnesota- they are the ones that are putting themselves in front of this pandemic more than anyone else.  And it happens on a daily basis.


A woman in Edina wanted to say thank you in a very public way and it's started a movement with other cities, counties and states.  Originally it was a chalk message that would wash away with a good rainfall.  So, it's been updated into a more permanent form with paint.

What started as a chalked message on Heather Lane's retaining wall, has spread to 3000 yard signs distributed to 34 states, thanking doctors, nurses, janitors, truck drivers and other essential workers.

The woman who started this also added: “I hope that as a society we never, ever, forget the day that all these people went to work for us".  I hope that everyone remembers these people too.

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I have seen so many inspirational messages around the St Cloud area.  It would be cool to do something that would be a bit more permanent.  Like a mural on a building wall or something along those lines.

We'll work on that...

St. Cloud Kids Share Their Optimism Through Sidewalk Chalk Drawings