Oh, oh, oh COME ON, PEOPLE. This isn't offensive; it's clever.

The Saint Paul Saints - Minnesota's favorite professional baseball team not owned by a Pohlad - have named their mascot 'OzemPig'...an ode to the extremely popular weight loss drug "Ozempic". They even provided a cute backstory for the ballpig. But the I'm Offended Gallery are barking. Here comes the Choad Rage.

OzemPig's Origin Story

"As the Saints were searching for their 2024 pig, the competition was fierce as celebrities, award-winning films, and big-time athletes made a run at being crowned the winner. One pig, however, stood out above all the rest promising to change the way pigs are viewed by the rest of the world. He promises to spend the first half of the season in the best shape possible, curb the five to seven pounds of food he eats in a day, and bring a positive light to his name as the Saints unveil their 2024 ballpig…OzemPig."

People who are hair-triggered about anything got the big mads about OzemPig, claiming it's "body-shaming" and "...not funny".

Oh, get off of your cross. This is clever. The Saints are having fun, and a swine mascot being named after a drug being abused for extreme weight loss is hilarious.

OzemPig will be the mascot to bring refreshments and baseballs to umpires at CHS Field for the first half of the season.

Some previous names for the Saints ballpig:

  • Daenerys Hoggaryen
  • Little Red Porkette
  • Pablo Pigasso
  • Stephen Colboar
  • Brat Favre
  • Notorious P.I.G. – Piggy Smalls
  • Kevin Bacon
  • Kim Lardashian

The St Paul Saints season opener is Friday, March 29th at 6:37pm as they host the Columbus Clippers.

H/T: Star Tribune and Ballpark Digest

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