Our savior has arrived! Inflation doesn't stand a chance!

Target - the store that is basically Walmart after going to rehab a few times - has finally laid off the price gouging joined the fight against corporate greed and declared all-out WAR against Amazon! For a week...

Target Counters Prime Day With Target Circle Week

I can finally afford to hydrate! (Photo by Arren Mills on Unsplash)
I can finally afford to hydrate! (Photo by Arren Mills on Unsplash)

Target Circle Week will be July 7th through July 13th. They're hoping you blow what money you have on Target first, as Amazon Prime Day(s) isn't until July 16th & 17th.

Like Amazon and their Amazon Prime Membership, you've gotta be a member of the Target Circle loyalty program to get the savings. The basic membership is free.

Circling back to Walmart: they've announced the Walmart Deals event July 8th through July 11th. They know their base: no membership required.

Price Gouging? What Price Gouging?

Before the Target Circle Week was announced, Target (soft g) announced a big round of price cutting; joining most of the other gargantuan retail corporations in not-exactly admitting that they gouged the ever-loving s$!t out of us and blamed it on inflation.

I'd rather invest my money in Aleister Meowly stocks, thankyouverymuch. It helps calm my Choad Rage.

H/T: Chain Store Age

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