It's been a couple of weeks since the new mandate shutting down bars and restaurants in Minnesota.  And let's be honest, not many people are exactly happy about this situation.  It's hard on the businesses that are bars and restaurants.  It's hard on the employees, it's hard on any of the patrons of those places.  This shut down is supposed to be in place until the 19th of this month.  What do you think the odds are that it will be extended until the end of the year?  I'm guessing the odds are pretty good, unfortunately especially seeing how the surge of COVID cases is happening over the last few days in Minnesota.

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People are getting anxious to go out to eat, to have a few cocktails in a bar and/or restaurant, and Wisconsin has not yet put a shut down on those establishments.  So, there have been many people crossing the border into Wisconsin.  If  you are anywhere near the metro, it's a quick and easy drive or ride share over to those places in Hudson.

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Now, the mayor of Hudson, Rich O'Connor, is entertaining the idea of instilling a curfew in the town.  This conversation is happening after a fatal stabbing that happened over the weekend. According to KARE 11, this was the statement made by the mayor:

It seems that a lot of people were wanting to get together at a bar/restaurant, have some drinks and watch football on a Sunday afternoon.  This type of gathering is not allowed currently in Minnesota, so what do you do?  Travel across the border.  What would the possible curfew be?  That is yet to be seen...later today.

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