Football fans (especially Packer fans) remember The Ice Bowl: the NFL Championship Game played on New Year's Eve in 1967 when it was a balmy 13 degrees below zero at game time. I don't remember who won and it doesn't matter.

What if EVERY football game could not just be LIKE the Ice Bowl, but also like every hockey game...but with a football and no ice skates?

Ice Football

I highly recommend watching the above video while this is playing in another tab.

Ice Football is like Disney on Ice for dads. It's football (American football, not rest-of-the-planet football) that's played on an ice rink that's roughly half the size of a regulation NFL football field.

Players aren't allowed to wear ice skates; just regular ol' shoes (from the video, it doesn't look like cleats are allowed).

Extra points and field goals are kicked without the oncoming rush of the defense. Trying to accurately kick while on ice is challenging enough.

Officials also seem to allow more leeway in celebrating, as evidenced by the player giving his opponents the finger (you know which one) while...running?...for a touchdown.

Could Ice Football Overtake Hockey in the United States?

I mean, there's the comedic entertainment factor of professionals repeatedly slipping and falling (just add cartoon sound effects and I'd be entertained for DAYS). It's still competitive sports. There are still cheerleaders.

And hockey suffers from the lack of scoring when pitted against football, even though there's more overall in-game action compared to football.

Just please...for the love of sports...keep John Buck and Troy Aikman out of the TV booth.

NHL Winter Classic-Ice Rink Conversion
They'd better have the Gear Daddies on their arena playlist (Rick Stewart)

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