Well, this is a super bummer.  If you have Directv and happen to watch anything on NBC, locally that's channel 11, you have no access to that network.

Directv Tegna

No idea how long this is going to last, but it's horrible.  I normally really like Directv, but things like this make it really undesirable.  They certainly aren't going to reduce their price (I do get a pretty good rate now, but still), and in fact, will probably increase it at some period sooner than later. That might be a guess, but it seems likely.

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This blackout of NBC- Tegna stations is affecting stations in 51 markets around the country.  That's a pretty big problem, it's 30% of  the country. It happened last night at 7pm central time. Tegna has made a statement...

The statement does go on to state that they feel that Directv has taken advantage of a situation during the pandemic.  Other affiliates have apparently not raised their rates as much as Tegna has.  And this is what has brought on the dispute.  And, ultimately caused a blackout of the affiliates, and also created some upset subscribers.

This also happened last year... or maybe it was in 2018. Directv had a dispute with CBS. The dispute lasted for about a week or so, then a deal was worked out and the network was restored.

For now, if you like to watch the local NBC channel, KARE 11, you are out of luck on an actual TV. You do have the option to stream, or to change cable providers, or wait....

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