Everyone has a favorite Christmas movie. In fact, I will bet your favorite Christmas movie popped into your head after you read that first sentence.

What did you pick? Was it It's a Wonderful Life? Maybe The Santa Clause? Personally, my favorite Christmas movie is probably Home Alone.

I can remember it being such a sensation that our entire extended family trekked out to the theater one winter night the year it came out.. just to see it a second time! That's the beauty of Christmas movies, everyone has their own favorite for their own reason.

With that being said, maybe it shouldn't be surprising that Minnesota can't seem to reach a consensus when it comes to their collective favorite Christmas film.

NationalToday.com says Minnesota's favorite matches mine, Home Alone. Who can blame them- this movie has it all!  Blowtorches, maiming, kidnapping, robbery! What more could you want?

Wishlisted.com says most of the state prefers National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I am actually surprised this one isn't a runaway winner based on how fondly everyone speaks of this movie all the time.

HowtoWatch.com claims Minnesota's Favorite Christmas movie is Elf. I recently read that Jim Carrey was supposed to be Buddy the Elf. I think Will Ferrell was perfect for the role but, what could have been?

Finally, preply.com says the underrated and Oscar-snubbed Jingle all the Way is #1 with Minnesotans. Arnold, a beer-drinking reindeer and St. Paul, Minnesota as the backdrop. Great movie 10/10.

Notably absent on the lists were A Christmas Story, any of the various Grinch movies and of course, Deck the Halls with Danny DeVito. Great movie.

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