We've all got that favorite 'go-to' movie we watch over and over again throughout the year. Curious how different you are from the rest of Minnesota? Here's our favorite classic movie!

The folks at HowToWatch.com checked out IMDb’s list of 1980s films and sorted them by popularity. Then they cross-referenced the top 25 most popular films from their ‘80s movie list with Google searches in each state over the past year to see which 1980s movies are most likely to be fan favorites in every state.

What did they find with Minnesota? We really love the "Airplane!" movie. Apparently it's a common theme with Midwestern states, as we're considered a flyover state, so it just makes sense.

Here's what our surrounding states consider their overall favorite:

  • North Dakota: Die Hard
  • South Dakota: Full Metal Jacket
  • Iowa: Airplane!
  • Wisconsin: Airplane!

What was interesting is the states where the movies were based out of, came in as the favorite of that state. One of the biggest trends they noticed is people tend to love ‘80s movies that were either filmed or set in their state. Here are a few states that give their local films some love.

  • Colorado: The ShiningSet in the Rockies, The Shining is one of the best movies of the 1980s—and a favorite among Coloradans.
  • Illinois: Ferris Bueller’s Day OffArguably one of the most famous ‘80s movies ever, this film features some of Chicago’s greatest landmarks, including Wrigley Field, Daley Plaza, and the Art Institute of Chicago. Save Ferris!
  • Maine: Stand by MeConsidering that the author of Stand by Me (Stephen King) is a Portland, ME local, this state’s film choice makes total sense.
  • New York: Once Upon a Time in AmericaThis story of gangsters in the Big Apple was set and filmed in New York, cementing it as a favorite among residents of the Empire State.
  • Oklahoma: The Outsiders. Sooners swoon over The Outsiders, as both the film and the novel it’s based on are set in Tulsa.
  • Oregon: The GooniesThe Goonies takes place in Astoria, Oregon. The town even has a film museum full of Goonies memorabilia, so. . . .
  • Tennessee: PredatorDoes the Volunteer State love Predator because it also loves its NHL team, the Nashville Predators? Or is the team’s name partially derived from the state’s love of the film? It’s a real chicken and egg situation, to be honest.

The biggest 80's favorite movie overall is "Back To The Future", which is honestly my favorite to watch, and Airplane!, although hilarious, isn't one that I keep on hand. You may be different though. Make sure and comment on what your favorite 80's classic movie is and maybe we'll see they were spot-on with their findings!

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