I have been hearing about this giant candy store located in Jordan, Minnesota for years.  I haven't been to it myself, but I have heard from so many people how great it is, and that I have to make a point to check it out.


The store is currently closed. Just temporarily, as a seasonal enterprise. The plan is to reopen as usual, and start getting ready for a move and rebuild of a new store. The new building will have the same iconic yellow color, and will still have almost every single candy known to man, but we will all have to wait quite awhile before we are able to enjoy everything new that the "Largest Candy Store" has to offer.

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The move is happening because of a change to Hwy 169, and when that "improvement" happens, that would stop the direct access to the store from the highway.  So, the decision was made to move the store.

From the Henderson Independent:

The upcoming interchange project at Highway 169 and Delaware Avenue was a trigger for the move, as the business was going to be losing direct access to Highway 169.

The plan is to build the above barn in two phases: the first phase will be roughly 2/3 of the above rendering and is planned to be built immediately; phase two will involve the last third and will be done later. The first phase will be twice the size of the existing store.

The new building plan is to about double what they currently have.  The opening of the new building is planned for 2027.

In order to be ready to open in 2027, Wagner said the project has to start this year. The current store is 27,000 square feet under the roof, and roughly 43,000 square feet if you include the walkway retail and the storage in back.

Wagner said the plan is to build a new barn that is double in size, and there is a phase two planned to expand it even further down the line. 

When the store closes for the season in 2026, they will use the time to move from the current store to the new store.  After the new store opens, is when I plan to check it out.  I know the current location is iconic, and has been in business for over 50 years, but seeing the new store and what I imagine it can be might be worth the wait.  But only because I haven't seen the current store yet.  At least if you still want your candy fix from the current location, you will still be able to do that until at least the 2026 season.

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