Ever wondered what Minnesota's most desired sexual fetish topic is? The results are in and even though it doesn't surprise me, I'm glad it's not beastiality like some would assume!

A popular website recently created an infographic of the US states most searched topics on their website. For the sake of being proper, I'm not going to link directly to their website. I will, however, give you the link to the regurgitated data on another website, and you can go from there if you wish. There is also another popular porn website that release even more interesting data in an infographic that breaks down each state's most desired search topic.

Being a fairly decent size state, Minnesota has a lot of colleges, so it's no wonder there's such a big fetish with the search term "college". I'm surprised that Iowa also shares the same sexual desire as Minnesota!

Nevada on the other hand is an entirely different ball of (insert what you want to call it here). They apparently prefer looking at "anita queen" porn, which I can't even imagine what that could be...and I really don't want to know.