We've had roundabouts in our lives long enough where I think most of us should understand how they work, but there are some people that don't really know the rules, and since they got their license before roundabouts were a thing, obviously haven't taken the time to learn how to operate a vehicle in a roundabout. Some of the errors people are making could lead to a ticket. Here are the most ticket worthy roundabout mistakes you can make. The Minnesota Department of Transportation has all the details you need, plus some videos you can watch if you are having trouble understanding how to drive in roundabouts.

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If you approach a roundabout, you'll clearly see that upon entry, no matter where you are entering the roundabout from, there are yield signs; meaning, YOU, the person entering the roundabout, must yield to traffic that is already IN the roundabout. Example: You approach a roundabout, you slow down as you look to your left. If a vehicle is approaching, you WAIT until they pass before you enter. If you pull out in front of someone, you could cause a massive jam or collision for all the other vehicles already in the roundabout. Don't be that person. Stopping for oncoming traffic is a good thing. Do a good thing.


Before you enter a roundabout, think about where you plan to go, and determine the lane you need to be in. The roundabout will have signs before you enter, showing you which lane you need to be in. It is illegal for you to change lanes within the roundabout. You also should not be passing other motorists in the roundabout. That's right! You can't pass in a roundabout. Give large trucks extra room in the roundabout as they sometimes need both lanes to get through.  That means, you should not drive up next to a semi or other large vehicle. They really do need the whole roundabout to get through. Help a trucker out...stay out of their way.


Clearly, stopping in a roundabout is a terrible idea. I realize, that if traffic has stopped in the roundabout due to a collision, you're going to have an emergency situation; but the rule of thumb is don't stop. You must keep moving through the roundabout. Also if an emergency vehicle is approaching, you should pull over immediately upon exiting the roundabout.

Good luck out there. Be a good driver. Know your roundabout rules.

For more details about roundabout rules, click HERE.

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