Let's face it, roundabouts are confusing if you're new to driving through one. Sartell is the king of roundabouts, but apparently the drivers aren't aware of how they work. Time for a lesson.

My wife and I have now lived in Sartell for a month. Within that month we've both nearly been t-boned by unaware roundabout drivers. Nobody takes a lesson before they end up in a roundabout, so chances are good that you'll cause an accident from what I see everyday. For young drivers, the chance of a roundabout accident is much higher, so make sure you show this easy-to-understand video to them before sending them on the road...especially through Sartell.

If anything, just keep the following in mind:

  • Slow down when approaching
  • The inside lane can go straight or left (continuing through the roundabout)
  • The outside lane can only go straight or to the right
  • Yield to vehicles in the roundabout
  • DO NOT change lanes inside a roundabout

If you still don't 'get' roundabouts after this then please do me a favor and stay out of Sartell for the sake of everybody else.

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