It doesn't sound like the Governor, Attorney General and The Minnesota Dept of Public Safety are fooling around with bars and restaurants that will open in defiance for Governor Walz's latest order.


Minnesota's hospitality industry has been hit pretty hard with the shutdowns, as of late. Some of the businesses have had enough and plan to open in spite of the Walz's latest "on pause" order forbidding bars and restaurants from having inside dining.

Recently, a list of bars and restaurants was put out stating that those businesses would be opening for inside dining despite the Governor's mandate.  I understand where they are coming from on this issue. Both sides have good points.

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We have a virus that is out of control and bars and restaurant owners are taking a huge hit on their businesses. It's perfectly understandable that these business owners feel they have no choice but to reopen to survive.

Dept of Public Safety has already said they will suspend the liquor license of Neighbors on the Rum in Princeton for 60 days for violating the governor's order. And according to the Minnesota Attorney General's office, they will be going after any bar or restaurant that ignores the "on pause" order.

Opening against the order will come with consequences.  Businesses that refuse to comply with the order can be fined, face civil penalties of up to $25,000 per violation or lose things like liquor licenses.

Ordering take out or delivery certainly won't solve all the financial losses these Minnesota businesses are experiencing but will for sure help keep most afloat until we get this pandemic under control.

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