I've seen this story a few times over the last few weeks talking about a certain Kindergarten teacher that has been battling cancer.  Her name is Kelly Klein, and she teaches at Falcon Heights Elementary. She has been undergoing Chemo treatments and still continues to teach her class through Zoom.

Via Youtube.com ELLEN
Via Youtube.com ELLEN

It's not that Zoom teaching has been that big of a deal... it's been kind of the "thing" this past year due to the pandemic.  But it's the fact that she continues to do this while going through a very real health traumatizing situation.

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I had seen this story on a few news stations over the last few weeks and thought 'Wow, this person is amazing".  She continues to put the kids in her class first, and does everything she can to keep a sense of normalcy for both herself and the kids in her class.  I remember her mentioning that the students are helping her as much as she is helping them.

Now, ELLEN, from the Ellen DeGeneres show is recognizing her too.  Klein appeared on the show this past Tuesday.  She talked about how this is the second time she is battling cancer.  She continues the Zoom classes even while she is in the hospital receiving treatment.  Now, that is dedication.  She said teaching is the "Love of her life".

She mentioned that teaching the kids is what brings her happiness in an otherwise mostly depressing situation.  She has the most positive outlook and all we can do is hope that she wins this battle and continues to be an inspiration to not only the students, but also the community.  This is one of the ways that we can all see how important teachers are.

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